Powerful Certification

Linked with top universities in United Kingdom which are included in top universities in the entire world, certifications awarded by MIMBER behalf of those top universities are powerful enough. Every country will know from which university you have graduated,and appreciate you.


All fee including training fee, exam fee are quite cost-effective for students. All pricing are packed with fixed, and should be affordable to all students. As we do take part in improvement of our country’s education, we have many installment plan on the other side and these installment plan boost up the cost-effectiveness. Our students proved it.

Experienced tutors

All of our tutors here at MIMBER have decades of experience both in hands-on as well as theory of what they share, mentor everyday. They are talented, passionate, patient and always energetic of what their students may need to practice more before the exam.

Career Opportunities

In the end, we all have to get experience in businesses that we apply our theory skills to exchange hands-on business management. MIMBER will be getting you ready for this moment when you help improving our economy. For your career opportunities in future, we are sure that the quantity is big,and you will get a qualitative career path.


MIMBER Institute of Management Studies is a UK and France certified management school based in Yangon. Linked with top UK and France based universities in the world, MIMBER is officially authorized partner of City College Birmingham.

MIMBER offers Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and other master degrees. MIMBER Institute of Management Studies is not an online university. We are a real institute/place based in downtown Yangon.

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